Top 10 Version Control Features of TFS

Top 10! Everyone who uses TFS as a Version Control System has their reasons. Usually, it is about the features and everyone has their favorites. Here are my top 10 favorite TFS VCS features:

  1. Over-write each others files... no merge required!
  2. Others give you atomic commits, we give you sub-atomic commits!
  3. Safe delete: When you delete a file, we don't really delete it!
  4. Promotes deliberate practice! Lost your changes, now do them again!
  5. Work-life balance! No VPN? No taking work home! Happy Family!
  6. Boosts employment! 10 people for the job of none!
  7. Non-trivial upgrades! Feels like you're getting your money's worth!
  8. Improves debugging skills! Find which files I've scrambled for you!
  9. Its easy... just click here, here, ok, wait, cancel, then select this, then click here, here, cancel, then ok, then
  10. Its FREE!!! Just buy these MSDN licenses...

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