I was joining a .NET project. As a developer who has worked mostly on Unix systems for the last 17 years, this was, shall we say, a learning opportunity. I was looking for a one-stop-shop which captures what I should read and do. However, I didn't really find one. So with the help of my ThoughtWorks colleagues, I made one. Think of this as a long list of things to google for when you need something. Hopefully someone will find this list useful some day! I'll keep updating this as and when I find something. Please feel free to point me to something I should include here.

Setting Up

What kind of a machine do I need to be an effective dev workstation? Are there things I need to know about ... eg: I/O is slower on Windows than Linux


Having been brain-washed by the open-source mafia, how do I get into a Microsoft mind-set? What do I need to forget (like Richard Stallman or ideas like one tool for one job)?

Resources for Beginners