(Spoiler alert: Overlook by Michael Connelly and Simple Genius by David Baldacci)

Recently, I read Overlook by Michael Connelly. A few chapters in it was pretty easy to guess who the murderer was. The story kind of dragged into terrorism and that word 'Allah'. It was a cheap attempt at exploiting both America's national fear and leaps in logic based on stereotypes. Pretty early on it was obvious that the wife - Alicia - was one of the murderers. The whole terrorism thing was just a distraction. (The victim was screaming his wife's name when he was shot - hence the sound of "Allah" immediately followed by a gun shot). Well written, good twist at the end, but not a great story, IMO.

Soon after, I read Simple Genius by David Baldacci. I liked this book a lot better. The story was good and the surprises were actually unexpected and yet realistic in the context of the story. When it was discovered that one of the murder victims had a love interest in a woman named Alicia, I immediately thought of the Alicia in the Overlook and wondered if this Alicia was a murderer too.

Sure enough, she was! How weird is that? Two consecutive novels with a murderer named Alicia!